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What is the Rivue platform?

The purpose of Rivue is to simplify the accounting process for Insurance organizations (IMO, BGA’s, Agencies, Agents) by providing a platform to automate the forecasting, reconciliation and payout processes associated with operating an insurance business.

What is the Rivue process?

The Rivue system removes much of the manual processing and guesswork involved with commissions accounting process. By uploading their carrier statements and policy file , Rivue delivers an overall revenue management solution as it applies to their Payors and ultimate Payees. As a result, all of the inaccuracies, costs and pain points are removed due to the specific functionality and automation that is already configured into the platform.

Is there an agent portal?

Rivue presents a dashboard and canned reports along with a location for agents to retrieve their respective statements. A reporting interface is provided where custom reports can be generated and downloaded. The Advisor portal is configured to directly integrate with the Agency website via an SSO module to enable direct access to the Rivue platform from the Agency website.

Does Rivue sync with any AMS?

Rivue integrates with a few AMS systems via a direct or manual upload process. It currently accepts direct feeds from Agency integrator and manual uploads from OneHQ and Ebix. With that said, any AMS that can provide a data export (excel, csv, etc) can be quickly configured to integrate with the Rivue platform.

Briefly describe the reporting features: (i.e. what kind of reports are generated)

Reports of First Year payments and Renewal payments are available by statement and / or by date range. All reports are exportable (Excel). Beyond the system reports, the Rivue platform also provides a custom interface to allow users to create their own custom reports.

Does Rivue connect with accounting software like Quickbooks?

At this point Rivue accepts an output file from Quickbooks Online only. This output file drives the deposit reconciliation process.

If the AMS is undergoing a core update, does Rivue stay connected?

Because the Rivue platform does not ‘sync’ with any AMS, updates do not affect the data integration with Rivue.

What payout methods does Rivue support?

Yes. The Commission Payout module supports payout on overrides, bonus, fees, and expenses. Additionally, it also supports multi-split payee, hierarchies, transfers and holds. In support of actual payouts, Rivue supports minimum thresholds, debit balances and carryover balances.

How much does Rivue Cost?

The Rivue system is made up of a number of different modules. Each module has its own pricing structure which is dependent on the number of users, agents and carriers that are engaged with the modules. With that said, the Rivue platform can provide a full commissions accounting system for the average agency for less than $1,200 / month.

How do you secure the data?

All data is hosted within the Microsoft Azure platform which has proven to be SOC-II compliant. The Rivue database is encrypted to protect all processed data while all data files (statements, schedules, etc.) that are uploaded to Rivue are stored within the ShareFile architecture.

What technology is used?

The Rivue platform is built on a Microsoft .NET platform with all data hosted within the Microsoft Azure environment. ShareFile is used as a thrid party to support the hosting and sharing of specific file from the Rivue platform.

How do I enter the Carrier data?

Rivue provides an interface for a user to “drag-ndrop” carrier files into the system. It is critical that the original Carrier file is used for statement processing. The full list of carriers and formats can be viewed under the “Supported Carriers” section.


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